Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

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For many years Colombia was a lost paradise, its forests were impenetrable because the guerrillas controlled these zones and did not allow the tourist development of places as special and unique as Caño Cristales, in turn, the stigma of the violence removed the possibilities of promoting safe and beautiful destinations such as El Tuparro NPP.

Now the picture is completely promising, as a result of the peace process that takes place in Colombia, we have been able to recover the confidence of the world, and today it is possible to teach them that treasure that for so many years lived hidden in the sight of all;


Whales that swim with their babies in the Pacific ocean, colorful algae that form a unique river in the world in the eastern plains, pink dolphins swimming free in the Orinoco, sighting of the legendary mountain ranges of the Chiribiquete in the Amazon and the powerful Raudal of the Jirijirimo. An entire indigenous cultural universe and a new gastronomic frontier.


Many years ago they conquered us, it is time for us to be discovered. Welcome!

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