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  • November 25, 2016
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We’ll get to know what there is to know about Bogota, guided by local experts that will take us thru the historic center and Monserrate. We’ll feel the warmth of its inhabitants among DC’s coldness.

We’ll take a flight leaving the Andes through the eastern mountain chain to the plains, crossing Meta department until we reach La Macarena, home of Caño Cristales. Your captains will explain each flight phase, places of interest and will teach you that flying is also an adventure!

La Macarena is known for its guides’ warmth, people from the region that, with nobility and authentic peasant affection will guide you to discover the most beautiful river in the world! Natural purity full of color and magic realism. No matter how much you know, Caño Cristales surprises the most expert traveler.

We’ll continue on to San Jose del Guaviare, the city that opens the door for the Amazon and the legend of the Yurupary, where we’ll spend 3 days getting to know rock formations, fauna, tunnels and natural wells. In Guaviare you’ll get to know indigenous cultures, their gastronomy and handcraft.

Our journey continues with the extraordinary experience of flying over wonderful Chiribiquete right by rock formations that emerge from within the jungle, cross the Amazon until we learn about the landscape and value the Chorrera native’s history, where you will later see the jungle from inside. Finally; Caqueta River! Which grows enormous from the mountain chain and crashes furiously against the Cañon de Araracuara (Araracuara Canyon) offering us a view that lays us off and at the same time immortalizes our trip.




Guayabero River at La Macarena, on the way to Caño Cristales


Araracuara Canyon


Day 1: Welcome to Bogota! Hotel transfer

The night will start out with a local deep fried food platter, you will meet your host. Later you’ll visit a salsa bar in La Soledad neighborhood, you can get to know a classic and mythical dancing place in Bogota, a very peculiar tavern and whoever’s in the mood can dance with local experts. (Optional US$60)

Day 2: We’ll head off to Monserrate, Bogota’s landmark, we’ll go up on ferry or cable car, once at the top we’ll have the best view of the city. Afterwards we’ll visit the Marketplace where we’ll wonder at its colors and smells, trying out a variety of tropical fruits and before going to the hotel, we’ll close up with a local cuisine class (empanadas or patacones) at a local’s home, one more friend.

Days 3, 4 & 5: We fly to La Macarena, Meta. If weather allows, we’ll have a beautiful view from the airplane, we’ll see how the mountain chain ends and the immense eastern plains begin. At La Macarena, we’ll take a boat and go up the Guayabero River, we will observe a variety of bird species, and turtles taking the sun on the logs that stand out over Guayabero River.

We arrive to El Raudal, a charming scenery of the plains, we’re faced by powerful rocks, offering a stunning view! Until we arrive to a place where the Guayaberos tribe made rock engravings (petroglyphs) of themselves, birds, fish and their whole environment, many years ago.

This route also offers El Mirador, Ciudad Perdida (Lost City), El Salto del Gato and Salto Canoas. Unforgettable places, that assemble a perfect memory of Xplora Colombia experience.

We’ll cross Caño Cristales’ branches in the order authorized by environmental authorities, and you must prepare for encountering purity, peace and the most fanciful shapes and colors with the magic held by its nature; rapids, cascades and ponds graced with fanciful colored algae that make Caño Cristales the most beautiful river in the world.

Day 6: We fly from La Macarena to San Jose del Guaviare, we’ll meet the rock formation dated from the Precambrian era through streets, lanes, transversals, round points, tunnels, among others, observing trace fossils of very antique marine disposals and revealing the power of water opening up and forming natural pools in the canyons.

Day 7: We’re going to unravel the Valle de los Laberintos (Labyrinths Valley) and to go thru the Orion door, we’ll navigate on a black lagoon and cross over natural bridges that will take us to a place which will wistfully remind us of Caño Cristales.

Day 8: Have you swam with dolphins? Well, at the Nare lagoon we will do it with pink dolphins that interact freely with travelers who take on the adventure in this Amazonian scenery.

Day 9: After meeting indigenous cultures, gastronomy and handcrafts from Guaviare, we depart in search of the legendary Serrania del Chiribiquete; unthinkable rocks rise as a fortress in the middle of the jungle across the windows of our airplane, cause only it alone makes the trip.

Did your read the book La Voragine? Well, we have reached La Chorrera, the place where it all happened. There the Huitoto indigenous community has a song to teach you; its world view and history fills us up with courage. That comes after getting refreshed on the Igaraparana River and its powerful stream.

Day 10: After a long walk thru the jungle up to a spring, you’ll no doubt be hungry. Therefore the visit to La Casa Arana, the place where thousands of indigenous where slaved, will take place after we eat. At night we’ll meet the Huito, community that will tell us why they paint their body and we’ll share with them the way to do it.

Day 11: We’ll have some time to visit Huitoto handcrafts and buy in the midst of the Colombian Amazon from an artisan that exports its products. Then we’ll fly to Cañon de Araracuara (Araracuara Canyon) where we’ll contemplate the view offered by the high stone walls, home of blue macaws (guacamayas) flying freely, just as we did through this great country. Back to Bogota.

Day 12: Free day at Bogota

  • Transfer from and to airports
  • Bogota – La Macarena charter flight
  • La Macarena – San Jose del Guaviare charter flight
  • San Jose del Guaviare – La chorrera (Amazon) – Bogota charter flight
  • Airport taxes
  • Ground and river transportation all throughout the trip
  • Overflight to Caño Cristales, Chibiriquete and Cañon de Araracuara (Araracuara Canyon)
  • 2 hotel nights in La Macarena on double or single occupancy
  • 3 hotel nights in San Jose del Guaviare on double occupancy
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack, drinks and dinner at La Macarena, San Jose and Amazon
  • 2 hotel nights in La Chorrera – Amazon with camping option
  • 3 nights in Bogota’s BioHotel on double occupancy with half board system
  • Specialized guides in La Macarena, San Jose and Amazon
  • Bilingual host
  • Medical assistance insurance
  • Towns’ entry tax
  • Tickets to all touristic attractions
  • Xplora Colombia kit 

Plan doesn’t include:

  • International flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Non specified expenses

Scheduled dates

June 5th / July 10th / August 15th / September 18th / October 1st / November 5th / December 4th


Want to travel in a different date?

Write us to if you need another date of departure. Departures are scheduled with at least 4 Xploradores (Xplorers)

If on the trip’s reservation due date we don’t have the minimum Xploradores (Xplorers) required, we’ll suggest an additional cost per person so that we can make the trip on the scheduled date.


Prices valid until June 30th, 2017.

Booking deadline:

20 days before departure date


Minimum of 4 Xploradores (Xplorers).



This program may have some modifications due to changes in flight schedules. The free time scheduled on the trip will be enjoyed without guides or hosts.

  • Make sure that you have a valid Passport with a minimum of 6 months from expiring
  • There’s no reason to travel without a camera

In Bogota:

  • Temperature is 14ºC (57 ºF) on average, therefore, it is recommended to bring sweaters and jackets
  • We’ll be at an altitude of 2.600 masl (8,400 ft above sea level)
  • Use free-hand and zipped purses, backpacks or bags preferably

In Caño Cristales, Guaviare and Amazon:

  • Temperature varies between 25 – 30 ºC (77 – 86 ºF) with high humidity level
  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing for walking and protect you from the sun, you’ll also need swimming suit and clothing to get wet
  • Take solar protection (at Cristales and Cristalitos you cannot use sunblock)
  • You should use shoes with good grip that can get wet
  • You should take a thermos or water bottle, plastic and disposable bottles are forbidden
  • Caps and hats are a good idea to keep you from the sun
  • You’ll be on the jungle and the plains, so you’ll need insect repellent
  • Don’t forget your sun glasses
  • We take care of nature! Don’t take any contaminating article
  • It’s important to be vaccinated 10 days prior against yellow fever and always have with you the certificate

Xplora Colombia does not benefit from any commissions from artisans, commercial establishments or local guides on the regions we visit. We pay fairly, for respect and dignity. Our commercial agreements are based on demanded quality and not on economic agreements.



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