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  • November 28, 2016
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We will take a flight through the department of Meta until arriving at La Macarena, the home of Caño Cristales. La Macarena is known for its guides’ warmth, people from the region that, with nobility and authentic peasant affection will guide you to discover the most beautiful river in the world! Natural purity full of color and magic realism. No matter how much you know, Caño Cristales surprises the most expert traveler.


DAY 1: Arrival at El Dorado International Airport to take a flight to La Macarena, Meta. Our Xplora Colombia team will be waiting for us when we land. We will then attend talks by the environmental authorities of Cormacarena and National Parks. After that, we’ll be ready to take a boat that will leave us at Mirador, and we’ll be able to contemplate this beautiful scene from up high in the plains. Then we’ll head to Cristalitos, which will imagine us of Caño Cristales due to its beautiful colors. The perfect place to end the day!

Return to the hotel, dinner and rest.

DAY 2: Departure from the hotel to have a buffet breakfast in town and prepare us to tour the Caño Cristales jungle. We’ll take a boat to cross the Guayabero River (a 20-minute ride), walk to get on the 4×4 trucks that will take us to the designated spot, and start our 30-minute hike to get to Caño Cristales. You should brace yourself for the purity, peace, and the most whimsical shapes and colors and the magic of nature that you’ll encounter, including rapids, waterfalls, and tide-pools adorned with algae of psychedelic colors that make Caño Cristales the world’s most beautiful river.

We’ll then return to La Macarena at the end of the day to rest and prepare for a cultural show put on by the town’s children and artists with a lot of passion and love. That night you’ll discover the mamona or ternera llanera, a typical dish of the region. If the group is staying at the Ecolodge La Manigua, that night we will enjoy a llanera serenade aboard a canoe on the shores of the mouth of the Lozada River.

DAY 3: Departure from the hotel to have a buffet breakfast in town and prepare us to tour Caño Cristales. We’ll take a boat to cross the Guayabero River (a 20-minute ride), walk to get on the 4×4 trucks that will take us to the designated spot, and start our 30-minute hike to get to Caño Cristales and then begin our journey on another of the river’s tributaries.

Return to the hotel, dinner and rest.

DAY 4: Departure from the hotel to have a buffet breakfast in town and get ready to take a boat to Raudal Angosturas, powerful rocks offer us a great view! We’ll see a great variety of fauna and flora. We’ll continue enjoying a tour to the destination Ciudad de Piedra where we’ll have lunch in a farm, a typical dish of the region.

Return to the hotel, dinner and rest.

DAY 5: After buffet breakfast in town we get ready to go out by boat to cross the Guayabero River to La Cachivera, where we’ll take a guided ride to Laguna del Silencio. We’ll prepare to take a canoe tour of the lagoon and finish the activity with a typical lunch at a nearby farm.

Return to La Macarena and airport.


  • The paths specified in the itinerary are subject to prior approval by Cormacarena and the National Parks. This is due to the carrying capacity on the requested dates. Therefore, they can be replaced with others authorized by the environmental authorities.
  • Dawn activity depends on the time of departure that is approved in the National Parks and Cormacarena permits. If the departure time is not at 5:00 a.m., the full activity is done but there will be no dawn.
  • If the chosen accommodation is Ecolodge La Manigua, we will have breakfast and dinner at the Lodge and not in town.
  • This program may be modified due to changes in flight schedules.
  • On this trip, the scheduled leisure time will be enjoyed without any tour guides.
  • Due to availability issues, the hotels may be replaced with others of the same category.
  • If a guide is required in English or French, please request it in advance to make your respective reservation.
  • Depend on every day logistic, cultural sampling will be done on any nights of the plan.
  • Each passenger is allowed a maximum weight of checked luggage of 10 kilos and carry on luggage 3 kilos.


  • Charter flight Bogotá – La Macarena – Bogotá
  • 4 nights stay at a hotel La Fuente in La Macarena (single or double rooms available) / Ecolodge La Manigua: cabin accommodations for 2 – 5 people (accommodating a total maximum of 21 people)
  • Local Guide (Spanish or English) – another languages are available at an additional cost
  • National Park Entry Fees
  • Cormacarena Entry Fees
  • Entry Tax charged by City Hall
  • Airport charges
  • Contribution to the emergency plan and contingency of Civil Defense
  • Assist Card
  • Ground and River Transportation
  • Contributions to the places that will be visited
  • 5 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 4 Dinners
  • 5 Snacks
  • Cultural and Gastronomic Sampling
  • Hydration
  • Xplora Colombia Kit

Plan does not include:

  • International Flights
  • Personal Expenses
  • Unspecified Expenses
  • Alcoholic Beverages

Departure dates:

Every Wednesday (June to December 2019)

Price per person:

US$1.100 (La Fuente hotel acommodación in La Macarena)
US $1.235 (Ecolodge La Manigua acommodation)

*On long weekends the price will increase US$40 per person in Ecolodge La Manigua accommodation and US$20 per person in La Fuente hotel accommodation.

**Single supplement US$50 per night in La Manigua.


Minimum of 5 explorers needed to be able to depart

Do you want to travel in a different date or require a tailored package?

Email us to

Reservation deadline:

15 days before departure date


  • The average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothes suitable for walking that will protect you from the sun. You’ll also need a bathing suit and clothes that can get wet
  • While traveling by boat, you’ll be more comfortable if you wear clothes that can get wet or a bathing suit
  • You must use shoes that can get wet with a good grip on the soles
  • It’s a good idea to bring hats and caps due to the sun
  • You should bring a thermos or a canteen to stay hydrated
  • You should also bring a tent or a raincoat in case of possible showers
  • Don’t forget your binoculars
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses
  • Under no circumstances and for no reason should you travel without a camera
  • Wear sun protection (not allowed in Caño Cristales and Cristalitos)
  • You’ll be in the llanos plains, so you’ll need repellent
  • We will have electricity 24 hours a day in La Macarena. At La Manigua Lodge, there’s sunlight from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • We will only have mobile phone coverage from operator Claro in La Macarena, and limited coverage in the field trips
  • We will have Wi-Fi in the town’s central park
  • Please have cash on you (Colombian pesos) because there are only Bancolombia ATMs in La Macarena. Most commercial establishments do NOT take debit or credit cards
  • You must have been vaccinated against yellow fever at least 10 days prior to the trip and carry the certificate with you
  • We take care of nature! Do not bring contaminants with you



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